LA Kings expected lineup against Tampa Bay Lightning; The final rematch with the champions

It’s like deja-vu, again. Perhaps that’s what baseball player Yogi Berra had in mind when he uttered those famous words. Just yesterday, coach Todd McClellan faced a replacement for Adrian Quimby, a first-team player. We’ve put together three scenarios ahead of Monday’s match against the Sharks. Now back home in Los Angeles, the McLellan and … Read more

Flyers owe Claude Giroud the trade

With only two more losses in a row, the pilots will have their second, yes, Secondly Ten consecutive matches this season. They currently find themselves near death in both their league (7) and the NHL in general (26 of 32 teams). Teams that the pilots were definitely better than, like the Blackhawks and Bluejackets, were … Read more

The team has a ‘different feeling’

From his first call to Rangers at the end of last season to his latest call-up from the taxi team amid the team’s COVID-19 outbreak, Morgan Barron agreed with coach Gerard Gallant’s assessment that he is playing with more confidence. But it’s not just Barron who disagrees, but the Rangers as well. Barron made his … Read more

LA Kings expected lineup against San Jose Sharks; What to do about the Kimbe spot

Why did the Kings take extra bodies with them on the road trip? Just for moments like this. Sunday morning Kings announced that Adrien Quimby had entered protocol; He will therefore not be available for Monday’s game against San Jose. Protocol vicissitudes… – Martin Scrub has cleared the protocol, and is reassigned to AHL Ontario … Read more