The Cavs lost LeBron for a second time, but this young roster is winning

Evan MobleyPhoto: Getty Images They did it again, damn it. The Cleveland Cavaliers have somehow avoided the hellish purgatory typically levied against small-market teams in between superstar stints. The first time LeBron James left, after an initial seven-year stretch with Cleveland, it only took four seasons and four top-four Lottery picks in a row, two … Read more

The Jarrett Allen social media jokes were funny, but his real life teammates were wrong for making him buy that phone

iShameImage: Getty Images iShameThe personalities are the most fun part about the NBA, but not only because they’re flashy or frequently appear in gossip blogs. Those players are fun, but it’s different types of personalities in the league that make it work. If everyone was like James Harden and wore a pea coat version of … Read more