Let’s not put Chet Holmgren in the Hall of Fame just yet

Chet Holmgreen: A solid player? Yes! One of the best ever? No! Certainly not yet, at least! What?Photo: Getty Images One of the favorite pastimes of sports enthusiasts has always been player comparisons. That’s especially true with college players heading into any professional sport. With basketball prospects, these comparisons begin in high school and follow … Read more

Russell Westbrook has encounter with heckler, not on court but on street

Russell WestbrookPhoto: Getty Images This has probably been the most challenging season of Russell Westbrook’s 14-year career in the NBA. Teaming up with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the Lakers has proven to be an experiment not worth repeating next season. All of Westbrook’s shortcomings on the court have been magnified by playing in Los … Read more

The Cavs lost LeBron for a second time, but this young roster is winning

Evan MobleyPhoto: Getty Images They did it again, damn it. The Cleveland Cavaliers have somehow avoided the hellish purgatory typically levied against small-market teams in between superstar stints. The first time LeBron James left, after an initial seven-year stretch with Cleveland, it only took four seasons and four top-four Lottery picks in a row, two … Read more

Timberwolves’ Chris Finch for NBA Coach of the Year

Chris FinchPhoto: Getty Images The Minnesota Timberwolves’ surge up the NBA standings has been a warm fire during another frigid winter. For the past decade, this has been an utterly moribund franchise. The time was nearing for Karl-Anthony Towns to begin asking for an escape hatch as his super-max contract approached its expiration date. However, … Read more

Brooklyn Nets lose to Boston Celtics, drop a game under .500

Kyrie Irving and Nets fall to 1-5 since All-Star Break.Image: Getty Images “Just watch how our squad comes out of this All-Star Break,” – Kyrie Irving And watch I did, because I’m not one to make a fuss. And since the All-Star Break ended and this prophetic warning to all who dare traverse a basketball … Read more

Glen Davis might need a friend in a higher place with the Celtics

Glen “Big Baby” Davis: seat stealerScreenshot: ESPN We may not have this opportunity this year, but who hasn’t purchased a bleacher seat at a Major League Baseball game and then sometime after the third inning — or third beer, whichever comes first — tried to find a better view, or received some free concert tickets … Read more

Chicago Bulls get inadvertent revenge on Grayson Allen

Derrick Jones Jr. clipped Grayson Allen with an elbow in the final moments of the Bucks’ 118-112 win on Friday.Image: Getty Images Whether it was on purpose or, as Derrick Jones Jr. s, by accident, the Bulls have finally (sort of insisted) got their payback on Grayson Allen. In a late January matchup between the … Read more

WNBA fines Liberty for chartering team flights

Oh, to be a pro athlete that is expected to fly coach.Image: Getty Images The WNBA is apparently trying to compete with the MLB for how much it can hate its own players. According to a report From Sports Illustrated earlier today, the owners of the WNBA’s New York Liberty chartered a plane for its … Read more

Zion Williamson might want to leave the Pelicans, but he really shouldn’t

Think it over, Zion!Image: Getty Images Zion Williamson’s absence from the New Orleans Pelicans has of late led to tons of speculation about his future. Former teammate JJ Redick made the rounds on ESPN shows to talk about Zion’s lack of professionalism, even saying on First Take that he had even addressed it with Zion … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal left off top 10 of ESPN’s all-time best NBA players list

Is Shaq an all-time top ten player in the NBA?Image: Getty Images Shaquille O’Neal is seen by many as the most physically dominant and imposing player the NBA has ever produced. Knowing this, you’d think O’Neal would be a lock as a top 10 all-time player on any list. ESPN recently released its ranking of … Read more