The people who wanted Juwan Howard and Penny Hardaway fired a few months ago… where’d they go?

Juwan Howard (l.) and Penny HardawayPhoto: Getty Images What started with a press conference and a “postgame scuffle” has turned into predictable praise. Because when you win, people conveniently forget that just a few weeks earlier they wanted you unemployed. Back in January, Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway said something that every coach has wanted … Read more

What’s next for Emoni Bates, Memphis’ struggling five-star wing

Image: Getty (Getty Images) Jalen Duren and Chet Homgren’s matchup in the Round of 32 provided a preview of two future lottery picks in the upcoming NBA Draft. Holmgren and Duren didn’t exactly light it up, but they gave scouts a glimpse of two future franchise cornerstones. Meanwhile, Memphis forward Emoni Bates was head and … Read more

The Cavs lost LeBron for a second time, but this young roster is winning

Evan MobleyPhoto: Getty Images They did it again, damn it. The Cleveland Cavaliers have somehow avoided the hellish purgatory typically levied against small-market teams in between superstar stints. The first time LeBron James left, after an initial seven-year stretch with Cleveland, it only took four seasons and four top-four Lottery picks in a row, two … Read more

Chicago Bulls get inadvertent revenge on Grayson Allen

Derrick Jones Jr. clipped Grayson Allen with an elbow in the final moments of the Bucks’ 118-112 win on Friday.Image: Getty Images Whether it was on purpose or, as Derrick Jones Jr. s, by accident, the Bulls have finally (sort of insisted) got their payback on Grayson Allen. In a late January matchup between the … Read more

Nate McMillan’s tenure with the Hawks is downright Thibs-ian

Nate McMillanPhoto: Getty Images The Hawks are lucky the Knicks are so disappointing or Stephen A. Smith would be melting down about them instead. The team that ended the Ben Simmons era in Philly, banished Julius Randle to a place from which he has yet to return, and competed with eventual NBA championship Milwaukee in … Read more

Zion Williamson might want to leave the Pelicans, but he really shouldn’t

Think it over, Zion!Image: Getty Images Zion Williamson’s absence from the New Orleans Pelicans has of late led to tons of speculation about his future. Former teammate JJ Redick made the rounds on ESPN shows to talk about Zion’s lack of professionalism, even saying on First Take that he had even addressed it with Zion … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal left off top 10 of ESPN’s all-time best NBA players list

Is Shaq an all-time top ten player in the NBA?Image: Getty Images Shaquille O’Neal is seen by many as the most physically dominant and imposing player the NBA has ever produced. Knowing this, you’d think O’Neal would be a lock as a top 10 all-time player on any list. ESPN recently released its ranking of … Read more

Goran Dragić a free agent after Spurs buy him out

The Goran Dragić lottery is about to begin.Image: Getty Images Every year in the NBA, there’s at least one highly sought-after role player traded away at the deadline that has no intention of suiting up for their new team. And many times, that feeling is mutual. This year that guy is Goran Dragic. He was … Read more

Nets lose big on Harden bet, but maybe that’s what it takes now

They did set Brooklyn on fire.Illustration: Getty Images Neil Young gets credit for the line, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away,” but Kurt Cobain made it infamous. That dichotomy stuck with me, and it’s impossible not to see it in sports. The Shaq O’Neal and Kobe Bryant Lakers are one of the … Read more

Austin Reaves’ star is steadily as a rookie rising for the Los Angeles Lakers — for various reasons.

LeBron James, Austin Reaves and the Lakers took the train to New York.Image: Lakers/Twitter Austin Reaves’ star is steadily as a rookie rising for the Los Angeles Lakers — for various reasons. In mid-December, he is buried a game-winner on the road to give the Lakers a win against the Dallas Mavericks on national television. … Read more