Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans lose to Duke in NCAA Tournament

Tom IzzoPhoto: Getty Images The time has come to downgrade Tom Izzo’s rep. For the lack of a better word, it has turned to goo. At one point, many believed Izzo, the Michigan State basketball coach, owned March. Yes, if there was a will, Izzo would find a way to coach his players up and … Read more

The people who wanted Juwan Howard and Penny Hardaway fired a few months ago… where’d they go?

Juwan Howard (l.) and Penny HardawayPhoto: Getty Images What started with a press conference and a “postgame scuffle” has turned into predictable praise. Because when you win, people conveniently forget that just a few weeks earlier they wanted you unemployed. Back in January, Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway said something that every coach has wanted … Read more

LSU fires Will Wade for multiple NCAA infractions

Will Wade is finally out at LSU.Photo: Getty Images It took way too long to oust Will Wade from his place atop LSU men’s basketball, but the deserved guillotine finally made its swift chop on Saturday afternoon, a major moment in the 4-year-plus NCAA investigation into wrongdoing surrounding his time in Baton Rouge. Wade was … Read more

Everything wrong with Hue Jackson’s hiring of Art Briles

Hue Jackson wants you to know that he has forgiven disgraced former coach Art Briles.Image: Getty Images You know you shouldn’t have hired someone if you have to release a statement days after you hired them to explain why you hired them. On Monday morning, Hue Jackson — the owner of a 20.5 winning percentage … Read more

Kim Mulkey’s LSU Tigers already team NCAA Tournament bound

Kim Muley has LSU in contention in her first year.Image: Getty Images With only two games left in the regular season, the LSU women’s basketball team sits at No. 1 8 in the national rankings. Sitting second in their conference, behind consensus No. 1 South Carolina, we can finally, confidently say that the Kim Mulkey-led … Read more

Deion Sanders can’t make up his mind about how long he’ll be at Jackson State

Coach PrimePhoto: Getty Images No one has mastered the art of talking without saying anything like coaches. It’s called “coach speak.” Deion Sanders, however, is his own man. Instead of saying as little as possible, he always seems to find a way to say too much — even when it contradicts things he’s said in … Read more