Ryan Turell wants to be the first Orthodox Jew to play basketball in the NBA

Yeshiva’s Ryan Turell looking to make NBA history.Image: Getty Images It’s not just about him. Yeshiva University’s Ryan Turell clearly gets that, much in the same vein as Brian Flores with his recent lawsuit Against the NFL, trying to put a greater focus on equal treatment of minorities in the league knows it’s not just … Read more

Stephen Curry surprises ‘2974’ collection holders with bonus birthday-themed NFT, San Francisco trip

Mar 14, 2022 Nick DePaulaESPN To celebrate his 34th birthday, Stephen Curry surprised thousands of owners of his first NFT collection with a new birthday cake-themed NFT in their crypto wallets on Monday afternoon. Just three days after his record-breaking game at Madison Square Garden in December, in which Curry set the NBA’s all-time 3-point … Read more

MLB’s decision to ban the shift is the right one

CancelledScreenshot: I‘ve never had too strong an opinion on whether or not Major League Baseball should ban the shift. If they do, we can expect batting averages to increase for left-handed power hitters, and that’s good. Hits are fun, and more of them is never a bad thing. On the other hand, learning to adapt … Read more

It’s time for the NBA to apologize to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, now playing for the BIG3 league, was suspended by the NBA in 1996 after refusing to rise for the Star-Spangled Banner.Photo: Getty Images Now that the NBA’s social justice pomp and circumstance have faded away, it’s past time the league officially apologized to former player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. When the Milwaukee Bucks refused … Read more