NBA, NHL see simultaneous upticks in scoring

NBA players, like the NHL counterparts, are scoring a lot.Image: Getty Images Rarely does it make sense to link the NBA and the NHL, other than they tend to play in the same buildings at the same time of year. You wouldn’t really call them roommates, because when one is home the other never is. … Read more

NHL continues history of applauding violent payback for exciting play

Trevor Zegras (second from left) is held back during a scuffle.Photo: Getty Images The appeal of hockey, to an ever-shrinking insular fanbase that gets more and more shrouded by a new one (though not big enough), is that it’s not the other three sports. There are good reasons for that, we all love our cults. … Read more

Boston Pride defeat Connecticut Whale in PHF

The Boston Pride beat the Connecticut Whale in the Isobel Cup Final.Screenshot: PHF While NC State and UConn were producing the college basketball game of the year in the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament, professional women’s hockey was also having a blinder on its biggest night as well. The Boston Pride beat the Connecticut … Read more

Jack Hughes having a breakout year in New Jersey

Have you checked out what Jack Hughes is doing lately?Image: Getty Images The buzz over the 2019 draft seems quaint now. Or it did. Back then, especially because it involved the rivals Devils and Rangers trying to race to the bottom to get one of the top two picks, it picked up more buzz than … Read more

Vegas Golden Knights stuck after a trade they weren’t allowed to make

Evgenii DadonovPhoto: Getty Images It was only a few days ago we chronicled that desperate situation the Golden Knights find themselves in. They have nothing more than a crimp grip on the last wildcard spot in the Western Conference, with the Dallas Stars having four games in hand on them just a point behind. The … Read more

Claude Giroux plays 1,000th game for Flyers

Claude Giroux played his 1,000th game for the Flyers on Thursday night.Image: Getty Images Rarely do you get the symmetry of a player playing his 1,000th game in the NHL, all with the same team, at home, while it also serves as their last game in that uniform before he’s traded to a contender. It’s … Read more

Oakland A’s trade Olson to Atlanta Braves, Reds deal Winkler, Suarez

Matt Olson is now with the Braves.Image: Getty Images You know, just for a second there, I thought baseball might give everyone a little time to enjoy the lockout being over, to soak in the excitement of the anticipation of spring training games and the season that will start right on its heels. To feel … Read more

MLB’s new deal with Apple is why players need to rethink a salary cap

The players should demand a salary cap (and floor).Image: Getty Images MLB’s new streaming deal with Apple is why the Major League Baseball Players Association needs to scrap its entire bargaining strategy and go for a salary cap. By proposing that the threshold for MLB’s competitive balance tax range from $238-$263 million, the union is … Read more

Alex Ovechkin pursues Wayne Gretzky’s goals record

It’s difficult to feel the same way about Alex Ovechkin these days.Image: Getty Images I haven’t made any attempt to hide my enjoyment of Alex Ovechkin when writing about him in the past. I find his pursuit of Wayne Gretzky’s goal record to be one of the more fascinating aspects of the NHL right now. … Read more

Rob Manfred is destroying baseball

Rob Manfred, Chief GhoulPhoto: AP Not that Rob Manfred would care, but his smirking and laughing visage as he announced the first cancellations of the 2022 regular season, which caused just about every baseball fan to have an urge to reach through their screens and thrust their fist through to the back of his skull, … Read more