Chris Chiozza posts an address on Twitter after fan criticizes him

Chris Chiozza posted his address on Twitter.Image: AP Player fan relationships moved into an entirely new realm over a decade ago when social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter began to pop up. Not long after came Instagram and later TikTok. These platforms have become staples in our lives, not just in the United … Read more

Women’s March Madness is a step in the right direction for the NCAA

Photo: Getty Images Welcome to the first ever women’s March Madness! After four decades of playing in the Division I NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA has finally decided to graciously grant their March Madness branding to women’s basketball players. If you didn’t know this wasn’t already the name, I don’t blame you. March Madness … Read more

Stadium Series TikTok Tailgate dream come true for country star Hayes

Country music singer Walker Hayes is performing on the TikTok Tailgate Stage at The NHL Pregame ahead of the 2022 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series between the Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning in Nashville on Saturday. The performance will be available exclusively on TikTok starting at 5:30 ET. If you told him … Read more

Richard Jefferson roasts Gilbert Arenas in TikTok video

Richard Jefferson destroyed his college teammate Gilbert Arenas in a TikTok video, responding to Arenas’ recent remark that he should’ve been drafted over Jefferson. The Arizona products entered the league in 2001, when Jefferson was selected 13th overall by the Rockets. Arenas was later drafted by the Warriors with the 31st pick in the second … Read more